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Christmas Bride for the Sheikh

By Carol Marinelli
  • Writer : Carol Marinelli
  • Isbn : 9781488020902
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Number of Pages : 192
  • Category : Fiction
  • Review Counts : 221
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : christmas-bride-for-the-sheikh.pdf

Summaries of Book :

His midwife under the mistletoe This Christmas, midwife Flo is determined to avoid all mistletoe! Though she’s a secret romantic, she’s fed up with only kissing frogs. Until she meets notorious sheikh prince Hazin al-Razim and is enticed into the most sizzling night of her life… Hazin hides a wealth of pain behind his playboy facade, and beautiful Flo is the first person to warm his frozen heart. So, when she’s hired to deliver his brother’s Christmas Eve baby, it’s Hazin’s chance to claim his own Christmas miracle—Flo as his bride!

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Stephanie O'Hanlon is a typical American girl, caught in a very exotic bind. Under pressure from her old-fashioned parents - not to mention, more than a little eager to escape her small-town Vermont existence - she finds herself in the Middle East, on the eve of an arranged marriage to a man she's never met.Walking the dusty streets of El Farah, she meets a tall, dark, and devilishly handsome stranger, Mehdi, and in a desperate moment of honesty, she tells him all: her doubts, her fears, and the husband-to-be she's never met. Hours later, and there's only one man she can imagine marrying the next day.On her way to the wedding venue, Steph realizes something isn't right. She's been stolen away from a fate she never asked for by Mehdi, the Sheikh of the land! But is he her kidnapper or her savior?Swept away to paradise, Steph can't escape reality forever. At some point, she knows she must face her parents' wrath. And the groom she jilted...Can this love transcend tradition? Will Steph ever find her way back to the man who broke all the rules to save the girl he met weeping at the fountain?This is a standalone Sheikh romance novel from best-selling author Holly Rayner. It contains a guaranteed HEA, and a tale of romance that will capture your heart. As an added gift, it also includes the first few chapters of Holly Rayner's prior novel Single Mom and the Sheikh, absolutely free.

Chosen as the Sheikh's Royal Bride

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Swept from her ordinary world… into the royal bedchamber! Among the many beautiful, accomplished candidates hoping to be chosen as Sheikh Omar’s wife, shop assistant Beth can’t believe this powerful desert king would even notice her. Yet Omar does select her—and his heated gaze sets her alight, making her innocent body crave caresses she’s only dreamed about! She’s instantly thrown into his world of unimagined luxury, but can this shy Cinderella ever be a queen? A Cinderella story with a royal twist!

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The enemy has arrived! And Luna was forced to smile at him and welcome him into her home. Luna stared at the man she’d learned to hate since the moment she’d learned to walk. And yet, here he was, Sheik Tasim el Salindar walked into her home as if he owned the place! Since Tasim’s sister was marrying Luna’s brother, they both had to hide their hatred for each other and play nice! Sheik Tasim watched the lovely Princess Luna, cursing himself for finding her attractive. She was a spoiled brat with a bad attitude! Wasn’t she? Unfortunately, Tasim was a guest of the lovely Luna for the week of his sister’s wedding celebration. And the more he got to know her, the more he respected her. And the more he wanted to kiss her and discover all of her secrets! She was a dangerous mix of beauty, brains and…and so much more! But there was no way a relationship could work between them. Right? The Sheik’s Unsuitable Bride, Book 1 in this series, is by Claire Connelly!

The Sheikh's Contract Bride

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Sheikh Malik Hourani, Crown Prince of Bha'Khar,is a rich and powerful man dedicated to ruling hiskingdom—but experience has made him wary of love. Beth Farrah has been betrothed to the sheikhsince birth, but she has a secret! She's not the woman hethinks she is….

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Despite his attraction to her, Sheikh Qasim is trying not to take Megan O'Connell to his wealthy but tradition-bound kingdom; women have no status in his homeland. Yet, as no one else has Megan's financial expertise, he is given no choice. Once in Suliyam, Megan finds her life threatened by tribal leaders who think she's a woman of loose morals. The only way Qasim can save Megan—and her reputation—is to marry her…!

A Royal Bride at the Sheikh's Command

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The line of succession in Niroli seems dead…until a desert prince makes his claim! p>Sheikh Kadir: ruler of an Eastern kingdom — and the last heir to Niroli’s throne — must find a queen! Natalia Carini loves Niroli. To her, the new ruler is an invader, and now he’s demanding her, as his bride! Yet to be bedded by a barbarian excites her more than she’s ever known…