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A Curvy Kind of Love

By Alexia Deguara
  • Writer : Alexia Deguara
  • Isbn : 1514603497
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Number of Pages : 432
  • Category : Uncategoriezed
  • Review Counts : 692
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : a-curvy-kind-of-love.pdf

Summaries of Book :

"You're too chubby." A phrase which I've been told too many times. "You have a beautiful face but your body can't exactly be defined sexy." Yes it was true, so what? I wasn't exactly a top model, I may have a few pounds extra (OK many pounds extra) but I'm a woman like many others. A woman who just want be loved for who she is, who struggles most of the time to find acceptance but who never give up.Gaby Reynolds is 22 years old, she's at the fourth year of university. She collects delusions and her heart has been broken so many times that it's practically impossible for any one to put it together again. She lacks confidence and she hates herself so much that she keeps no mirrors inside her apartment. She's clever but too stupid to realize that, she's beautiful but she can't see it. She gives up and accepts that her dreams will never come true and that she will never experience the magic of love until he appears... Jess Keagan the sexiest man in University.. the man who will change her existence.

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By Ja LaFrance
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  • Number of Pages : 248
  • Category : Uncategoriezed
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Book Excerpt:

Join JA Lafrance through the loving and sexy side of romantic novellas. She is ready to whip up the heat with tales that span the gambit of offerings; from the incredible love of a supervillain, to the ups and downs of dating, and even a little bit of sugar and spice at the holidays. So sit back, grab your drink of choice, and allow JA to immerse you in a Curvy Kind of Love.Praise for JA Lafrance: "The author puts a fresh twist and a great spin on the tale. I loved every moment of it." - Gaston's Confession" JA Lafrance just wrote the perfect and beautiful romance story." - The ECE & Her Billionaire"This plot and dialogue address a number of social stigmas head on and makes no apologies for doing so." - From the Darkness

A Forever Kind of Love

By Debbie Alferio
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Book Excerpt:

After dating for five years, Dana Walker is more than ready to settle down with her boyfriend, Eddie Williams. But Eddies startling confession leaves her alone, causing her to distrust men in general and decide shes better off without anyone in her life. She soon finds out, however, that someone has been watching her from a far. Handsome, young Mitch Tarrington is taken by Danas beauty instantly, but not feeling she could ever be interested in someone like himself, he tries hard to deny his attraction to her. However, fate has other ideas for the two, and a chance meeting finds them falling in love at first sight. Soon Mitch and Dana are planning their wedding, but will a major misunderstanding fueled by desire and jealousy keep the nuptials from ever taking place? First in the Forever Love series, follow this heartwarming and humorous journey full of surprises as Mitch and Dana search for A Forever Kind of Love.

Wax me with Pleasure

By JA Lafrance
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Book Excerpt:

What happens when Beth Small decides that enough is enough? She has been down on her luck since her last boyfriend, decided that she needed to lose weight, or he was leaving. Not only did he steal everything from her bank account, and get her fired from her job, he also but in motion a series of events that would leave her on the verge of being homeless. One night at Club Temptation with her best friend Jacob leaves her with a fascination for candles and a man from her past that rocks her world and makes her fantasies come to life. Will her past crush remember who she is, and where they know each other? Will outside forces make these two go on separate paths? Find out if Beth, finds pleasure in the wax.

When Any Kind of Love Will Do

By Elisabeth Amaral
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Book Excerpt:

"Liz Amaral is an original, both in her writing and her life. In these stories, you will find delight, horror, comedy, and love, and most of all, surprise. You will be confronted by your own darkness-the boogeymen who hide within you-and by your own humanity. This is a book you will not be able to put down. Hold on-it's a great ride." -Kathrin Seitz, author and producer Reflecting the common longing to be loved, amid the strangeness, humor and unpredictability of the world, When Any Kind of Love Will Do contains stories and memories from hidden corners of the soul. Meet a woman who bought a loft whose blood-soaked walls make her feel right at home. Read about a witness to a brutal murder who exacts her own revenge. Inhabit the minds of three young people in Manhattan's West Village who search for meaning in their lives, and see into the mind of a killer and his victim. These thrilling and imaginative stories tap into our deepest longings and reveal visions of the world that are bewildering, disturbing, or downright hilarious.

Sunday Kind of Love

By Dorothy Garlock
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  • Category : Fiction
  • Reviews : 860
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Book Excerpt:

Buckton, Indiana, 1956. As post-war America brims with new opportunities, a young woman discovers the courage to follow her dreams-and her heart . . . Gwendolyn Foster's life seems like a dream come true. A bright future in front of her, the successful, traditional man her parents wanted at her side. What more could a girl ask for? But Gwen has a different dream altogether-to be a writer-and she won't rest until it comes true. Strong arms to support her, not own her . . . that's what she needs. And she finds them in the most unexpected of places. Hank Ellis has long been haunted by his little brother's death. He knows the entire town blames him for the accident, but it's only fitting. He blames himself too. So he's shocked when Gwen ignores the vicious gossip and befriends him. And before long, everything changes for them. Folks warn Gwen about Hank, but she knows in her heart that they're wrong. Drawn to this man of bravery and kindness who encourages her to pursue her passions, Gwen can finally envision the life she's always wanted. And with Gwen, Hank finds the strength to let go of his guilt, as he dares to hope for a future with her. But braving the town that turns against them isn't the only challenge they face. For Hank still harbors a dark secret, a shocking truth that may force him to lose Gwen forever . . .

A New York Kind of Love

By Synithia Williams
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Isbn Code : 9781488003394
  • Number of Pages : 224
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reviews : 760
  • Pdf File: a-new-york-kind-of-love.pdf

Book Excerpt:

Bright lights, big passion… Winning an all-expenses-paid weekend in New York with Hollywood's sexiest heartthrob makes Faith Logan the envy of women everywhere. This small-town nurse has too many responsibilities, including caring for her aging parents, to be interested in fame or status. But as the sensual celebrity escorts her to exclusive Manhattan nightclubs and glitzy movie premieres, Faith is falling fast for the genuine, charismatic man behind the slick media image. More used to fanatics and groupies, Irvin Freeman is surprised and intrigued by Faith's down-to-earth personality. One impulsive kiss turns their private flirtation into public news. But paparazzi and crazed admirers are making her doubt their potential as a couple. Will the pressures of fame cause their love to fade before he can convince her they've found their own real-life happy ending?