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Mastering jBPM6

By Simone Fiorini,Arun V Gopalakrishnan
  • Writer : Simone Fiorini,Arun V Gopalakrishnan
  • Isbn : 1783289589
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Number of Pages : 326
  • Category : Computers
  • Review Counts : 723
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : mastering-jbpm6.pdf

Summaries of Book :

This book provides a complete understanding of the jBPM technology stack. It starts with an introduction to the world of business process management systems, the problem domain addressed by jBPM, explores the main use cases that can be addressed by business process management systems, and illustrates the main design patterns. It takes you through the details of the architecture and available out-of-the-box provisions for customizing, extending, and integrating the features of jBPM to meet the requirements of your application. Moreover, this book will empower you with the knowledge to integrate jBPM with enterprise architecture, debug through the source code of jBPM, and utilize the flexibility provided by a heavily modular system. Finally, it introduces you to the provisions available for a jBPM-based application to put the non-functional characteristics of the system, which are of great importance when we deploy our application in production. The book helps you in putting the knowledge at work by providing you with a lot of ready to use examples, both basic and advanced ones.

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Summary Manning's bestselling Java 8 book has been revised for Java 9! In Modern Java in Action, you'll build on your existing Java language skills with the newest features and techniques. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Technology Modern applications take advantage of innovative designs, including microservices, reactive architectures, and streaming data. Modern Java features like lambdas, streams, and the long-awaited Java Module System make implementing these designs significantly easier. It's time to upgrade your skills and meet these challenges head on! About the Book Modern Java in Action connects new features of the Java language with their practical applications. Using crystal-clear examples and careful attention to detail, this book respects your time. It will help you expand your existing knowledge of core Java as you master modern additions like the Streams API and the Java Module System, explore new approaches to concurrency, and learn how functional concepts can help you write code that's easier to read and maintain. What's inside Thoroughly revised edition of Manning's bestselling Java 8 in Action New features in Java 8, Java 9, and beyond Streaming data and reactive programming The Java Module System About the Reader Written for developers familiar with core Java features. About the Author Raoul-Gabriel Urma is CEO of Cambridge Spark. Mario Fusco is a senior software engineer at Red Hat. Alan Mycroft is a University of Cambridge computer science professor; he cofounded the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Table of Contents PART 1 - FUNDAMENTALS Java 8, 9, 10, and 11: what's happening? Passing code with behavior parameterization Lambda expressions PART 2 - FUNCTIONAL-STYLE DATA PROCESSING WITH STREAMS Introducing streams Working with streams Collecting data with streams Parallel data processing and performance PART 3 - EFFECTIVE PROGRAMMING WITH STREAMS AND LAMBDAS Collection API enhancements Refactoring, testing, and debugging Domain-specific languages using lambdas PART 4 - EVERYDAY JAVA Using Optional as a better alternative to null New Date and Time API Default methods The Java Module System PART 5 - ENHANCED JAVA CONCURRENCY Concepts behind CompletableFuture and reactive programming CompletableFuture: composable asynchronous programming Reactive programming PART 6 - FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING AND FUTURE JAVA EVOLUTION Thinking functionally Functional programming techniques Blending OOP and FP: Comparing Java and Scala Conclusions and where next for Java

Torn Away

By Jennifer Brown
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Low-Power VLSI Circuits and Systems

By Ajit Pal
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  • Publisher : Springer
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Book Excerpt:

The book provides a comprehensive coverage of different aspects of low power circuit synthesis at various levels of design hierarchy; starting from the layout level to the system level. For a seamless understanding of the subject, basics of MOS circuits has been introduced at transistor, gate and circuit level; followed by various low-power design methodologies, such as supply voltage scaling, switched capacitance minimization techniques and leakage power minimization approaches. The content of this book will prove useful to students, researchers, as well as practicing engineers.

Django: Web Development with Python

By Samuel Dauzon,Aidas Bendoraitis,Arun Ravindran
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn Code : 1787123928
  • Number of Pages : 717
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 329
  • Pdf File: django.pdf

Book Excerpt:

From an idea to a prototype – a complete guide for web development with the Django framework About This Book Explore the best practices to develop applications of a superior quality with Django framework Unravel the common problems of web development in Django This course teaches you major Django functions and will help you improve your skills by developing models, forms, views, and templates Experience the challenges of working on an end-to-end social network project Who This Book Is For Web developers who want to use modern Python-based web frameworks like Django to build powerful web applications. The course is mostly self-contained and introduces web development with Python to a reader who is familiar with web development concepts and can help him become an expert in this trade. It's intended for all levels of web developers, both students and practitioners from novice to experts. What You Will Learn Use Django models to store information in the database and generate queries to access a database across models Quickly develop web pages to create, read, update, and delete data from the model using class-based views Generate very maintainable forms with Django Import data from local sources and external web services as well as exporting your data to third parties Deep dive into various aspects of Django from models and views to testing and deployment Familiarize yourself with the various nuances of web development such as browser attacks and databases In Detail Data science is hot right now, and the need for multitalented developers is greater than ever before. A basic grounding in building apps with a framework as minimalistic, powerful, and easy-to-learn as Django will be a useful skill to launch your career as an entrepreneur or web developer. Django is a web framework that was designed to strike a balance between rapid web development and high performance. This course will take you on a journey to become an efficient web developer thoroughly understanding the key concepts of Django framework. This learning path is divided into three modules. The course begins with basic concepts of the Django framework. The first module, Django Essentials, is like a practical guide, filled with many real-world examples to build highly effective Django web application. After getting familiar with core concepts of Django, it's time to practice your learning from the first module with the help of over 90 recipes available in this module. In the second module, Web Development with Django Cookbook, you'll learn varying complexities to help you create multilingual, responsive, and scalable websites with Django. By the end of this module, you will have a good understanding of the new features added to Django 1.8 and be an expert at web development processes.The next step is to discover the latest best practices and idioms in this rapidly evolving Django framework. This is what you'll be learning in our third module, Django Design Patterns and Best Practices. This module will teach you common design patterns to develop better Django code. By the end of the module, you will be able to leverage the Django framework to develop a fully functional web application with minimal effort. Style and approach This course includes all the resources that will help you jump into the web development field with Django and learn how to make scalable and robust web applications. The aim is to create a smooth learning path that will teach you how to get started with the powerful Django framework and perform various web development techniques in depth. Through this comprehensive course, you'll learn web development with Django from scratch to finish!

Enterprise Application Development with C# 9 and .NET 5

By Ravindra Akella,Arun Kumar Tamirisa,Suneel Kumar Kunani,Bhupesh Guptha Muthiyalu
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn Code : 1800202512
  • Number of Pages : 610
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 769
  • Pdf File: enterprise-application-development-with-c-9-and-net-5.pdf

Book Excerpt:

Become a professional .NET developer by learning expert techniques for building enterprise-grade applications Key Features Explore the advanced features of C# and .NET 5 to enhance your code and productivity Follow clear and easy instructions for building an end-to-end enterprise application Learn how to build scalable web applications and host them on the cloud Book Description .NET Core is one of the most popular programming platforms in the world for an increasingly large community of developers thanks to its excellent cross-platform support. This book will show you how to confidently use the features of .NET 5 with C# 9 to build robust enterprise applications. Throughout the book, you'll work on creating an enterprise app and adding a key component to the app with each chapter, before ?nally getting it ready for testing and deployment. You'll learn concepts relating to advanced data structures, the Entity Framework Core, parallel programming, and dependency injection. As you progress, you'll cover various authentication and authorization schemes provided by .NET Core to make your apps and APIs secure. Next, you'll build web apps using ASP.NET Core 5 and deploy them on the cloud while working with various cloud components using Azure. The book then shows you how to use the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and C# 9 to simplify developer tasks, and also explores tips and tricks in Visual Studio 2019 to improve your productivity. Later, you'll discover various testing techniques such as unit testing and performance testing as well as di?erent methods to deploy enterprise apps. By the end of this book, you'll be able to create enterprise apps using the powerful features of .NET 5 and deploy them on the cloud. What you will learn Design enterprise apps by making the most of the latest features of .NET 5 Discover di?erent layers of an app, such as the data layer, API layer, and web layer Explore end-to-end architecture, implement an enterprise web app using .NET and C# 9, and deploy the app on Azure Focus on the core concepts of web application development such as dependency injection, caching, logging, con?guration, and authentication, and implement them in .NET 5 Integrate the new .NET 5 health and performance check APIs with your app Understand how .NET 5 works and contribute to the .NET 5 platform Who this book is for If you are a developer, architect, or senior programmer who wants to leverage the features of .NET 5 and the C# language, as well as grasp essential techniques to build your skills, then this C# .NET 5 book is for you. Beginner to intermediate-level knowledge of the .NET framework and C# programming is required to understand the concepts covered in this book more effectively.

Learn Web Development with Python

By Fabrizio Romano,Gaston C. Hillar,Arun Ravindran
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn Code : 1789950880
  • Number of Pages : 796
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 637
  • Pdf File: learn-web-development-with-python.pdf

Book Excerpt:

A comprehensive guide to Python programming for web development using the most popular Python web framework - Django Key Features Learn the fundamentals of programming with Python and building web apps Build web applications from scratch with Django Create real-world RESTful web services with the latest Django framework Book Description If you want to develop complete Python web apps with Django, this Learning Path is for you. It will walk you through Python programming techniques and guide you in implementing them when creating 4 professional Django projects, teaching you how to solve common problems and develop RESTful web services with Django and Python. You will learn how to build a blog application, a social image bookmarking website, an online shop, and an e-learning platform. Learn Web Development with Python will get you started with Python programming techniques, show you how to enhance your applications with AJAX, create RESTful APIs, and set up a production environment for your Django projects. Last but not least, you’ll learn the best practices for creating real-world applications. By the end of this Learning Path, you will have a full understanding of how Django works and how to use it to build web applications from scratch. This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products: Learn Python Programming by Fabrizio Romano Django RESTful Web Services by Gastón C. Hillar Django Design Patterns and Best Practices by Arun Ravindran What you will learn Explore the fundamentals of Python programming with interactive projects Grasp essential coding concepts along with the basics of data structures and control flow Develop RESTful APIs from scratch with Django and the Django REST Framework Create automated tests for RESTful web services Debug, test, and profile RESTful web services with Django and the Django REST Framework Use Django with other technologies such as Redis and Celery Who this book is for If you have little experience in coding or Python and want to learn how to build full-fledged web apps, this Learning Path is for you. No prior experience with RESTful web services, Python, or Django is required, but basic Python programming experience is needed to understand the concepts covered.

Django Design Patterns and Best Practices

By Arun Ravindran
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn Code : 1788834976
  • Number of Pages : 282
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 244
  • Pdf File: django-design-patterns-and-best-practices.pdf

Book Excerpt:

Build maintainable websites with elegant Django design patterns and modern best practices Key Features Explore aspects of Django from Models and Views to testing and deployment Understand the nuances of web development such as browser attack and data design Walk through various asynchronous tools such as Celery and Channels Book Description Building secure and maintainable web applications requires comprehensive knowledge. The second edition of this book not only sheds light on Django, but also encapsulates years of experience in the form of design patterns and best practices. Rather than sticking to GoF design patterns, the book looks at higher-level patterns. Using the latest version of Django and Python, you’ll learn about Channels and asyncio while building a solid conceptual background. The book compares design choices to help you make everyday decisions faster in a rapidly changing environment. You’ll first learn about various architectural patterns, many of which are used to build Django. You’ll start with building a fun superhero project by gathering the requirements, creating mockups, and setting up the project. Through project-guided examples, you’ll explore the Model, View, templates, workflows, and code reusability techniques. In addition to this, you’ll learn practical Python coding techniques in Django that’ll enable you to tackle problems related to complex topics such as legacy coding, data modeling, and code reusability. You’ll discover API design principles and best practices, and understand the need for asynchronous workflows. During this journey, you’ll study popular Python code testing techniques in Django, various web security threats and their countermeasures, and the monitoring and performance of your application. What you will learn Make use of common design patterns to help you write better code Implement best practices and idioms in this rapidly evolving framework Deal with legacy code and debugging Use asynchronous tools such as Celery, Channels, and asyncio Use patterns while designing API interfaces with the Django REST Framework Reduce the maintenance burden with well-tested, cleaner code Host, deploy, and secure your Django projects Who this book is for This book is for you whether you’re new to Django or just want to learn its best practices. You do not have to be an expert in Django or Python. No prior knowledge of patterns is expected for reading this book but it would be helpful.

Cloud Computing and Services Science

By Donald Ferguson,Claus Pahl,Markus Helfert
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Isbn Code : 3030723690
  • Number of Pages : 345
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 140
  • Pdf File: cloud-computing-and-services-science.pdf

Book Excerpt:

This book constitutes extended, revised and selected papers from the 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2020, held in Prague, Czech Republic, in May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the conference was held in a virtual format. The 14 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 69 submissions. CLOSER 2020 focuses on the emerging area of cloud computing, inspired by some latest advances that concern the infrastructure, operations, and available servicesthrough the global network.

Data Engineering on Azure

By Vlad Riscutia
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn Code : 1638356912
  • Number of Pages : 336
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 783
  • Pdf File: data-engineering-on-azure.pdf

Book Excerpt:

Build a data platform to the industry-leading standards set by Microsoft’s own infrastructure. Summary In Data Engineering on Azure you will learn how to: Pick the right Azure services for different data scenarios Manage data inventory Implement production quality data modeling, analytics, and machine learning workloads Handle data governance Using DevOps to increase reliability Ingesting, storing, and distributing data Apply best practices for compliance and access control Data Engineering on Azure reveals the data management patterns and techniques that support Microsoft’s own massive data infrastructure. Author Vlad Riscutia, a data engineer at Microsoft, teaches you to bring an engineering rigor to your data platform and ensure that your data prototypes function just as well under the pressures of production. You'll implement common data modeling patterns, stand up cloud-native data platforms on Azure, and get to grips with DevOps for both analytics and machine learning. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the technology Build secure, stable data platforms that can scale to loads of any size. When a project moves from the lab into production, you need confidence that it can stand up to real-world challenges. This book teaches you to design and implement cloud-based data infrastructure that you can easily monitor, scale, and modify. About the book In Data Engineering on Azure you’ll learn the skills you need to build and maintain big data platforms in massive enterprises. This invaluable guide includes clear, practical guidance for setting up infrastructure, orchestration, workloads, and governance. As you go, you’ll set up efficient machine learning pipelines, and then master time-saving automation and DevOps solutions. The Azure-based examples are easy to reproduce on other cloud platforms. What's inside Data inventory and data governance Assure data quality, compliance, and distribution Build automated pipelines to increase reliability Ingest, store, and distribute data Production-quality data modeling, analytics, and machine learning About the reader For data engineers familiar with cloud computing and DevOps. About the author Vlad Riscutia is a software architect at Microsoft. Table of Contents 1 Introduction PART 1 INFRASTRUCTURE 2 Storage 3 DevOps 4 Orchestration PART 2 WORKLOADS 5 Processing 6 Analytics 7 Machine learning PART 3 GOVERNANCE 8 Metadata 9 Data quality 10 Compliance 11 Distributing data

Strategic Leadership

By John Adair
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Kogan Page Publishers
  • Isbn Code : 0749462043
  • Number of Pages : 144
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Reviews : 770
  • Pdf File: strategic-leadership.pdf

Book Excerpt:

A strategic leader is essentially the leader of any organization and someone who has to steer the company in times of change, whilst motivating and inspiring their team. Strategic Leadership from the renowned leadership expert John Adair encourages leaders to focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday. It explores the nature and origin of strategic leadership, transferable skills and the art of inspiring others. It then describes the role itself and broad functions of that role such as building and maintaining a team, achieving a common task and motivating and developing the individual. It moves on to assess the skills you need to be effective, and the seven generic functions that make up the role of strategic leader which include providing direction, strategic thinking and planning, building partnerships and developing tomorrow's leaders. Full of checklists, summaries and historical examples, Strategic Leadership will encourage you to ask the right questions whilst defining the role and skills of a strategic leader.

Unholy Grails

By Nick Radge
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Radge Publishing
  • Isbn Code : 0980871220
  • Number of Pages : 256
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Reviews : 939
  • Pdf File: unholy-grails.pdf

Book Excerpt:

What’s the fastest way to lose money? Follow the herd. Nick Radge stopped following the herd many years ago. As a trader and stock broker, Nick learnt to recognise what the herd were doing and how they react to financial information. He also realised that it made no sense. Are you one of the herd? Here’s a test: If a stock’s price is falling do you think it represents good value, i.e. it’s cheap? OneTel and HIH were not cheap when they eventually delisted in 2001. ABC Learning was not cheap when it delisted in 2008. How about Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Trump Entertainment or Kodak? Billabong does not look cheap at the moment! A stock price in motion tends to stay in motion; Unholy Grails will show you how to be on the positive side of this statement. Nick Radge is focused on momentum investing; purchasing stocks that are trending up. Nick shows you how to hitch a ride on stocks in an uptrend or protect your capital during sustained bear markets. Unholy Grails goes against almost everything your stock broker, financial planner and your fund manager will ever tell you. Considering that in 2008 capital managed by fund managers dropped up to 50% we are in desperate need of an alternative way of thinking. In Unholy Grails, Nick Radge details a road less travelled; a compilation of practical strategies for investors looking for long term gains with minimum daily effort. “I am shocked that so many Mum and Dad investors were financially and emotionally battered during the GFC. The financial planners and fund managers they were relying on for advice gave them no advice: just the same old ‘buy and hold’ strategy that simply does not work in a collapsing market. In Unholy Grails I define specific strategies for investors, allowing them to manage their own investments and stop paying fees to financial planners and advisors,” said the author, Nick Radge. Whether investing for your retirement or using an active investment strategy to manage your personal wealth, Nick Radge examines and tests numerous investment strategies to help determine the right one for you. Don’t expect the same old, worn out advice from Nick Radge. His latest book is not called Unholy Grails for nothing!

Learning Redis

By Vinoo Das
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn Code : 1783980133
  • Number of Pages : 318
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 109
  • Pdf File: learning-redis.pdf

Book Excerpt:

This book will introduce Redis and help you understand its various facets. Starting with an introduction to NoSQL, you will learn how to install Redis and how to classify and work with data structures. By working with real world scenarios pertaining to using Redis, you will discover sharding and indexing techniques, along with how to improve scalability and performance through persistent strategies and data migration techniques. With the help of multiple examples, you will learn to design web and business applications. You will also learn how to configure Redis for setting up clusters and tuning it for performance. At the end of this book, you will find essential tips on backup and recovery strategies for the Redis environment.

A Pictorial Approach to Molecular Bonding

By John G. Verkade
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Isbn Code : 1468402773
  • Number of Pages : 282
  • Category : Science
  • Reviews : 838
  • Pdf File: a-pictorial-approach-to-molecular-bonding.pdf

Book Excerpt:

With the development of accurate molecular calculations in recent years, useful predictions of molecular electronic properties are currently being made. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for the non-theoretically oriented chemist to appreciate the underlying principles governing molecular orbital formation and to distinguish them from the quantitative details as sociated with particular molecules. It seems highly desirable then that the non theoretician be able to deduce results of general validity without esoteric mathematics. In this context, pictorial reasoning is particularly useful. Such an approach is virtually indispensable if bonding concepts are to be taught to chemistry students early in their careers. Undergraduate chemistry majors typically find it difficult to formulate molecular orbital schemes, especially delocalized ones, for molecules more complicated than diatomics. The major reason for this regrettable situation is the general impracticability of teaching group theory before students take organic and inorganic courses, wherein the applications of these concepts are most beneficial. Consequently many students graduate with the misconcep tion that the ground rules governing bonding in molecules such as NH3 are somehow different from those which apply to aromatic systems such as C H • 6 6 Conversely, seniors and many graduate students are usually only vaguely, if at all, aware that sigma bonding (like extended pi bonding) can profitably be described in a delocalized manner when discussing the UV-photoelectron spectrum of CH , for example.

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism

By Karel Werner
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn Code : 1135797528
  • Number of Pages : 228
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reviews : 626
  • Pdf File: a-popular-dictionary-of-hinduism.pdf

Book Excerpt:

A multi-purpose reference work which should become an indispensable companion for anybody who comes into touch with Hinduism. Includes a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular terms; a glossary of terms and concepts; and a survey of the historical development of Hinduism.

Career Road Map

By John Lees
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
  • Isbn Code : 1785384694
  • Number of Pages : 113
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Reviews : 687
  • Pdf File: career-road-map.pdf

Book Excerpt:

There are many times in a career where short pieces of advice come in useful, whether you’re looking for a new job, thinking about leaving your current role, or trying to make progress inside an organisation. Here are 52 short pieces from careers expert John Lees, aimed to provide vital short-cuts, help you out of a fix, re-energise your job search or interview planning, or to rethink the way you manage your career. Most originally appeared in John’s weekly column for the UK daily newspaper Metro.

Construction for Landscape Architecture

By Jamie Liversedge,Robert Holden
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Laurence King Publishing
  • Isbn Code : 1780675003
  • Number of Pages : 240
  • Category : Architecture
  • Reviews : 931
  • Pdf File: construction-for-landscape-architecture.pdf

Book Excerpt:

Construction for Landscape Architecture covers all aspects of landscape construction, giving a good understanding of building materials and assembly. It is heavily illustrated with specially commissioned, detailed construction drawings and has a strong emphasis on sustainability and good practice. At the end of the book there is an extensive glossary and an appendix of technical information.

Beginning JavaFX

By Lawrence PremKumar,Praveen Mohan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Isbn Code : 9781430271987
  • Number of Pages : 336
  • Category : Computers
  • Reviews : 603
  • Pdf File: beginning-javafx.pdf

Book Excerpt:

The open source JavaFX platform offers a Java-based approach to rich Internet application (RIA) development—an alternative to Adobe Flash/Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. At over 100 million downloads, JavaFX is poised to be a significant player. Written by a JavaFX engineer and developer, this book is one of the first on the JavaFX platform to give you the following: The fundamentals of JavaFX scripting on desktop and mobile platforms Examples of RIAs using JavaFX Graphics Media and animation using JavaFX See how JavaFX gives you dynamic Java effects in your RIA development.

How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors

By David Vizard
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CarTech Inc
  • Isbn Code : 1934709654
  • Number of Pages : 144
  • Category : Transportation
  • Reviews : 111
  • Pdf File: how-to-super-tune-and-modify-holley-carburetors.pdf

Book Excerpt:

In How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors, best selling author Vizard explains the science, the function, and most importantly, the tuning expertise required to get your Holley carburetor to perform its best for your performance application.

Music in Our Lives

By Jonathan L. Friedmann
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn Code : 1476618968
  • Number of Pages : 204
  • Category : Music
  • Reviews : 250
  • Pdf File: music-in-our-lives.pdf

Book Excerpt:

Music research has entered something of a Golden Age. Technological advances and scholarly inquiry have merged in interdisciplinary studies—drawing on psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, anthropology and other fields—that illuminate the musical nature of our species. This volume develops, supports and challenges that body of research, examining key issues in the field, such as the difficulty of writing about music, the formation of musical preferences, the emotional impact of musical sounds, the comparison of music and language, the impulse for making music and the connection between music and spirituality.