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Sherlock Holmes and the Element of Surprise

By James Taylor
  • Writer : James Taylor
  • Isbn : 1780922698
  • Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
  • Number of Pages : 85
  • Category : Fiction
  • Review Counts : 288
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : sherlock-holmes-and-the-element-of-surprise.pdf

Summaries of Book :

When two prison guards are found beheaded in the barren countryside surrounding Her Majesty's Prison at Wormwood Scrubs, Inspector Lestrade seeks Holmes' singular powers to determine how the murders could have been committed in separate locations with the only footprints being those of the murdered guards themselves. With Doctor Watson at his side, Holmes sets out on this new adventure and uncovers deeper mysteries still; mysteries that will not only test the detectives' powers of observation and deduction, but his skepticism of the paranormal as well.

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*** THE NO-EQUIPMENT WORKOUT PERFECT FOR YOUR SMALL SPACE *** CELL WORKOUT is a bodyweight training guide devised from a prison cell but accessible to anyone who wants to get fit in a small space using no specialist equipment. Using your own body weight - the oldest exercise equipment out there - CELL WORKOUT guides you through understanding how to make bodyweight training work for you, helping you to achieve any personal training goal or maintain a healthy physical condition. With workouts for those of varying ability and fitness, the step-by-step exercise instructions and accompanying photographs for LJ's 10 Week Cell Workout are easy to follow and tailor to you, improving all aspects of your physical fitness. This is CELL WORKOUT; get the body you want - inside and out.

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